The Art of a typical Inspiration

Nagar Homes Limited (NHL) an epic brand that was established in the year of 2001 in real estate sector of Bangladesh. Until now the reasons that have supported the company to stand in the market with a cut above reputation for its commitment to their clients, versatile attitude towards quality products in lucrative locations and exceptional after sales services. The company’s vision is always to enhance its edges in terms of all the germane aspects that ensure the reputation to their target markets and existing leads of their clients. The company persistently emphasizing on bringing out ingenious and atypical ideas for residential and commercial solutions through young and endowed team of engineers & architects, keeping the market demand under prior consideration. NHL is not only a developer with quality products; but it significantly clarifies the profit of the investments of their buyers and landowners as well as of the company. Through years of dedication, fast- paced workmanship and heavy duty construction quality, NHL has also been rewarded by an optimistic stance of American Concrete Institute (ACI) and American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM).

The spell of the success for NHL has never been so easy to maintain its splendor and reflection of their business image; but only thing that made the dreams turn into reality was the extensive hunger towards making a radical divergence in the real estate sector and its reputation as well. These were all possible because of the company’s transparency and honesty approach towards the market, prospects, clients and landowners.


Nagar Homes Limited is one of the sister concern of Nagar Group. Nagar Homes Limited, it has been established in the year of 2001. From its establishment it has been struggle a lot to establish it in the real estate sector. By the help of Almighty Allah and kind support of our valued clients & well wishers now it becomes a well reputed & customer preferred brand.


I believe any person can success in his personal & business life if he has a good mission & vision & work accordingly. We always work to develop our self. We have highly professional human resources who are delegated for the betterment of the organization. Moreover I personally always like to listen from the end of our valued clients. We have several departments who are always try to develop our products to enhance the customers satisfaction. I believe customer satisfaction is the key behind Nagar Homes’s success. My door is always open for any well wisher having with their any kind suggestions, advice, opinion for the development of Nagar Homes Limited.


Wishing you all the best. May Almighty Allah bless his kind to all of you.

Abdur Rahman
Managing Director
Nagar Homes Limited